Sunday, May 8, 2011

new blawg again...

...And this time with good reason. I forgot my old email's password, so I had to make a new account (and I can't just change my email in my account, they'll just ask you to login your old email first and confirm ==). Michael (aka Doomsday) won't be in there any longer...maybe once in a while, but depending on how he behaves. This same post is also posted in the other blog by Michael, so there. I gotta warn you guys about some...stuff in there, though. I'm 15 now, so you gotta expect that. o3o Oh well, I'm done here.
Razors N Chainsaws

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Abandoning This Website...

Okay, Dooms here. We're officially abandoning this blog, because of:

1. the lame name.
2. Nini doesn'y like it. ==
3. well, we have the right to do so!!!

Our new blog will be revealed soon. So stay tuned for one last time in here!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I know, I know. I hate bugs. And there's one bug I'm sure everyone hates in particular.

Internet bugs.

I know! I can't get my cash during questing or farming, and I had to report to the forum, and so I had to paste the picture here because they need a screenshot link. I dunno how else to do, so there. Sigh. I WANT MY CASH BACK!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Another long period of not submitting any posts, har har. But whatever, cos' Nini here twisted her ankle like, 2 weeks ago and she's still healing now, sigh. It looked so swollen at first, ugh...

Anyway, I got fired from the last job, again, I know. That was like, about two or three days after Nini's little accident. Now I'm jobless, and I tried convincing Nini to have her friends pay for the books borrowed, and I got a bump in the head for that. Sigh. But there's a few new books now (finally, an update!) and she thinks Janice may have read them, since three of them come from Meg Cabot, aka romance novels. She even brought it to school today! But today's only choir practice for her, so it's safe. Oh, here she comes! Doomsday out.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

har. har. har.

Very funny, Michael, but thanks for the pepper spray anyway. I appreciate it...
Today Jr2D (my class, DUH) is watching a scary movie...fine, we watched TWO scary movies. The one from Thailand wasn't scary, but the other Japanese movie was downright creepy, so creepy I actually screamed with the other girls, lawlz.
Anyway, it's been aaaaaaaaaages since Michael and I updated this thing, but we both are so busy with life we can't really even touch the computer, really. Didn't even look at it. But Here I am!!!!
Want books? Come here, ass.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things that burp.

Okay, ignore the title, Nini told me to use this as title because it seemed funny to us at the time. Anyway Nini said she doesn't feel so happy these days...okay she didn't say it but I can feel it. Call me a knight with rusty armor, but I think it's because of CD (Nini's asleep so she doesn't know I'm posting this...YET). She's just trying to forget him and stuff, due to my long-time experience living with her, lawlz. Anyway, I think it's bad for her, but she keeps insisting on herself. Poor thing. She even told me she's never gonna marry with the pregnancy and mood swings and all. I didn't ask anything, I swear.
Anyway, did you see the newspapers today? Young teen rapes young teen! And they're both Nini's age! Omigawd I better buy pepper spray now or she'll get raped too! Wait, she's too fat, she won't get raped. Well, that's a relief. Don't tell her I said this, ok?
Status, Fictionistic n Co. -
  • Foo Tser Jet, Gold Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham.
  • Nightstalker aka Charmaine Chiam, A Hero's Guide To Deadly Dragons by Cressida Cowell
  • Janice Kuo, Star Crazy me! by Jean Ure
  • Qing Wei, Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
  • Nini, The Search for the Red Dragon by James A. Owen

Good night...(it's 10pm)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

everything goes numb

Last Sunday Nini and I went to KLCC to shop for more books. Wait, that was her intention, mine is to find some nice ladies while I'm still young. Ha! Better finish this post before Nini comes back downstairs.
Anyway, she sat down and read a book and stayed like that for what seemed like hours to me, since all the manga are wrapped up in plastic and I hate words without pictures, so there. Then, Mrs. Wong finally came, and BAM! Nini's leg went numb, and when she tried to walk after standing up she twisted and fell. Then she got hit in the counter sideways. Ouch, man. But thank God she was hit sideways, or we're doomed.
Then we went to eat sushi. The restaurant was packed, man! Dude, we had to queue! But it was worth it since the waitresses aren't so ba
OK, Doomsday out! My turn to type! I don't care what he typed up there but I'm I'm here to annouce something...
I do not like Chicken Dancer anymore.
Well, I just don't. Because I just don't feel that damned spark when I think of him anymore. Instead I think one. Once again, I'm all lonely and not so lonely all thanks to Michael and Nightstalker. Thanks to you two for listening to my rants about this stupid guy, especially when I said he looks like a school bully, which is kind of true. And oh, I was thinking of CD and CK as the Headless Chicken Duos, since they are the only people i daren't talk to, and it sounds kind of neat. I hate headless chickens!!!
...i hope they won't become a trio, because I'm done with love.